How many years old do you need to remove the diape


Some babies are about a year and a half, and mom will get used to using paper diapers. A mother said that every time I go to relatives, will be joked: "you are so big in diapers, after easily wet the bed." Although mother is not happy to listen to his heart, but do not know how to refute, do not know how to do it right? So, what happens when disabled children diapers is best?

Some mothers think that baby wearing diapers will lead to O leg. In fact, before the baby is one and a half years old, the sphincter is not fully developed, and I can't grasp the stool, so the baby needs to use diapers. With a one and a half years old, the sphincter gradually develops and the brain nerve develops to a certain level. At this time, mother can exercise baby's excrement and urine. Suggested that the mother during the day and try to get rid of diapers, baby stop toilet training; wait to use at night, along with the development of the baby's body, gradually discarded diapers. Then when the baby is two years old, it can be completely free of diapers. Mom has to pay attention to these two points.

1, mom should not choose diapers with poor quality and bad air permeability, and not clean baby's fart and diaper in time. After a long time, the baby will show red buttocks and even breed bacteria and form infection.

2, if your baby after the age of 5 is often bedwetting, then you have to think about, one of the reasons for the child who this age is the long-term use of diapers, baby not a habit, is to have urinary bladder urine, no time to exercise, so the baby can not control the size of.

So if the baby is two years old, the mother can keep the baby away from the diaper.

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